Friday, May 6, 2011

Canada Just Killing It, Like Always

Look, people (person?), I think it's weird that you're so consumed by your national bloodlust that you haven't thought twice about the conflicting details of the Bin Laden kill operation and whether it comports with our national values. Or that your response to the admittedly strange, frankly unbelievable circumstances in which he was found is to proclaim that we stop all aid to Pakistan and regard it as a terrorist state -- despite the fact that the United States has thousands of troops and tons of military equipment and other supplies in Afghanistan, which got there through Pakistani ports and would have to get out the same way; despite the fact that the greatest victim of terrorism in the world today is Pakistan, its people, its police force, its soldiers; despite the fact that an incompetent Pakistani army or duplicitous Pakistani intelligence agency is not interchangeable with its people; despite the fact that we continue to drone-bomb the Pakistani countryside, which, understandably, might cloud its people's feelings about American wonderfulness. I think it's weird that you, strawman, disregard obvious geopolitical complexities for easy "USA!" sloganeering. But that's just me.

Still, while we can disagree about politics and policy, here and abroad, it's nice to know there remains some common ground between us: We can still agree, for instance, that Canadians are just killing it--straight murdering shit--with their amazing awesomeness at life. Really, just a paragon of democratic values that country is.


E said...

i profess ignorance on this issue, so i have to ask: how are the pakistanis the biggest victims of terrorism?

anyway, perhaps it is complex, but i actually don't find so objectionable people celebrating the death of someone who specifically targeted americans for being american. it's rather human to enjoy the elimination of one's enemy.

E said...

oh yeah, found out today that my parents voted (gulp) conservative. it's interesting - they're unabashed obama supporters when it comes to US politics, but even they hate the liberals in canada.

cold4thestreets said...

hey, my response to this comment is, typically, long-winded, so i have posted it as a free-standing post. please comment, if you wish to, there.