Thursday, May 26, 2011

something more fun

whoa, sorry for the downer dudes. i feel like i'm going to have to take that post down at some point, so get it while it's sad.

anyway, i'm having overwhelming 90s nostalgia, as my team is in the stanley cup finals for the first time since 1994. yes, this is incredible for many reasons, least of which is that i was well into my teens back then. judging by the comments on that youtube video, clearly i'm not the only one who loves this song. (e.g., "best nba theme EVER. it defined an era," "i still get goosebumps everytime i hear this song.")

what can be more 90s than tesh + vest + goatee + theme to NBA on NBC?

and as my friend tyler pointed out: invisible basketball dribbling! for more on the theme's resurgence, see here.


bowis said...

so many thoughts go through my mind at once.

1) this is awesome!
2) how did you find this and why?
3) did he ever anchor entertainment tonight? why, with such musical talent?
4) i hate miami.

E said...

1. yes!!
2. the video was featured in the wsj article linked on this post, and my friend helped me find the youtube video.
3. tesh is a mensch. and somewhat of a renaissance man. he also was a commentator for olympics gymnastics, if i remember correctly. he toured with YANNI whilst anchoring entertainment tonight.
4. sorry dude. at least the canucks aren't playing on your wedding night! we can all enjoy the finals now.

wiki says that "His NBC Basketball Theme has been hailed as one of the top 3 sports themes of all time." forizzle? what are the other two!?

finally, tesh was the parademaster of the one macy's thanksgiving parade i managed to attend during all of my years in nyc. all i gotta say is that there was a white grand piano on that float.

cold4thestreets said...

luther fucking vandross. one shining moment -- what? (ok, not really a theme, but i'll allow it.)

also, are you ready for some football?

da da DA da da DA from sportscenter?

nbc's olympic theme song?

hockey night in canada? LOLOLOL - just kidding.