Thursday, August 30, 2007

burying the lede

perhaps as a result of recent murdochian shenanigans, i've become a semi-regular reader of the wall street journal. i think mostly because i can access the website for free at work. i know, have i finally become alex p keaton? will i suddenly start sporting sweater vests? i think my wsj-skimming began with the gonzales v. carhart case. i knew what the times would say: it is a travesty to women, how dare anyone touch my uterus, etc. to my surprise, the journal wasn't so keen on that decision either, albeit with much less fearmongering.

anyway, my sister drew my attention to two articles on yesterday's census report on american income levels. the times' headline reads "Census Shows a Modest Rise in US Income" while the journal reads "Census Income Report Fuels Health-Care Debate." now, these are not substantively different headlines, but i enjoyed comparing the opening paragraphs:

nytimes: The nation’s median household income grew modestly in 2006, the Census Bureau reported yesterday, even as the percentage of people without health insurance hit a high.

wsj: Five years into an economic recovery, the benefits of growth are finally filtering down to some of the poorest Americans and the income of the typical family is climbing. But earnings of full-time workers aren't keeping up with inflation, and the ranks of those without health insurance are rising.

pretty amusing. i even gave you guys the 2nd sentence of the first paragraph in the journal article bc i am just that unbiased and committed to high journalistic standards. okay, so i'll come clean. i haven't read these articles all the way through. i swear i will...some day.

btw, do you think the TSA decided searching people's beards would just totally be an imposition on zz top?

oh yeah, you should click on the photo, although i'm sure everyone's seen this already.

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cold4thestreets said...

Now that August has ended and my job doesn't start until the middle of October, I join the ranks of the nation's uninsured. Thank god Ronald Reagan invented trickle down economics to give me hope in a bleak world.