Monday, August 27, 2007

They Shoot Butterscotch Stallions, Don't They?

Fredo resigned today, prominent Republicans continue to troll for gay sex, and a portly man with pink hair--whose stock and trade is calling fatter men names--reported that some former Yankees minor leaguer finally ran out of elixir. It's been a saturated news weekend, so I haven't really given the Owen Wilson suicide attempt the attention it so richly deserves. But here are my thoughts: Um, what the fuck? Then I remembered the above scene from The Royal Tenenbaums he co-wrote for his brother--a scene which was creepy enough already because it's scored by Elliott Smith, whose own suicide attempt was decidedly more successful.

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E said...

dude, wtf indeed. but c'mon! best gawker headline ever - sometimes a butterscotch pony gets depressed?

according to the nypost he's had a history of serious depression. [insert dax shepard joke here]