Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Music Video of the Day: Scar Jo, For Your Derision

E, I miss you. This bicoastal thing really gets in the way of our cynical banter. So, here's Scar Jo's new video. Leave your unadulterated bilious remarks in the comments section.

Also, why is Salman Rushdie nuzzling her neck in this video? This question follows in a long line of Salman Rushdie-related questions: For instance, why is Salman Rushdie playing the obstretician in Helen Hunt's new movie? Why is Salman Rushdie in Bridget Jones' Diary? Why did Salman Rushdie write the most outsiderly and hilariously inexpert account of New York City ever committed to print? Why is Salman Rushdie hanging out at Bungalow 8? How did Salman Rushdie land Padma Lakshmi? Why did Salman Rushdie get an eye lift? Why did Salman Rushdie turn away and run from me at that Breyten Breytenbach reading a couple of years ago? The answer to some, though not all, of these questions is this: because all your heroes will eventually sacrifice their innate gifts and become vain, fame-whoring parodies of themselves.


E said...

i'm not even going to pretend to watch this shit.

cold4thestreets said...

Hmmm. Then let me goad you: though the video is fairly useless, I think the song itself is very good. This isn't tantamount to saying that Scar Jo is a great singer, but she is not as bad as the blogs are making her out to be. And everyone's missing the point: She's stripped her voice bare to belt out the tune here--in the spirit of Tom Waits--instead of chanteusing and sexing it up, all-gravelly-larynx like, which you know she could've done. I credit her with having a little artistic integrity, and for not giving a damn about the inevitable backlash.

Now, come on, play along.

Alex said...

I like the song and I like her voice. It's just a little repetitive.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that was my first (accidentally) non-anonymous post on this site.

E said...

are you two conspiring against me?