Tuesday, April 22, 2008

bulging brides

there are ads for this tv show all over the city - on telephone booths (indeed, they still exist), subway cars, random places where ads shouldn't be, etc. at first i thought it was about pregnant brides, which may have been an interesting concept. how do you design a dress for a woman whose size keeps changing? but no, turns out it's actually about brides who are too fat and have to lose weight for their wedding day. this is literally the premise for an upcoming episode:
Big Portuguese portions are keeping this bride-to-be bulging through the hips and out of her dress.

anyway, someone out there understands my hate affair with david brooks. to wit: The Brooks method is to take a banal, long-existing or only partially true observation, give it a cute name and take credit for it. In other words, he’s a perfect op-ed columnist.


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cold4thestreets said...

I think you should take a walk down to 30 Rock and pitch that knocked-up brides idea. Or at least, round up Kenneth and take walk down a bit further to Black Rock and pitch it to Moon Vest.