Sunday, April 13, 2008

look up schadenfreude in the dictionary...

and i believe you'll find this article there.

in other news, thank goodness 30 rock is back! yeah, i guess it was a little bit weak, but you gotta love "we no longer wanna hit that."


cold4thestreets said...

Perhaps not a vintage episode, but only because of the absurdly high standards the show has set for itself. How many wonderful throw-aways were there last night? Stuttermilk Pancakes? Erection Cove? Liz as Cathy from the comic strips? Also, did you see the episode was controversial? Check out this Times piece.

E said...

"referring to a teenager’s crude designation of someone’s sexy mother"

c'mon! the gray lady can't bear to print MILF yet they print that "modern love" shit? standards my arse.