Wednesday, April 30, 2008

yesterday's news

so i'm embarking on my third decade of, uh, living and i feel rather conflicted. one side of me recognizes that aging is an inevitable process and that trying to fight it is pointless. not to mention, it'll probably give me unsightly wrinkles. of course, the other more existential crisis-prone side of me is a little bit weirded out by the fact that the anticipatory phase of my life appears to be over. this is when i should just be living: i'm not waiting to get into that great college, i'm not trying to figure out whether grad school is the right choice for me. essentially, i'm not living in a 9x12 room facing a building shaft in the east village waiting for the next thing. indeed, my salad days are over.

(btw - i totally didn't even know what "salad days" meant, and that it originated from shakespeare, but i'm seeing that term everywhere. what's the deal?).

besides, it's been like 6 years since i overheard one dude say to another at a concert, "hey, what time is your mom picking us up?" which made me think, shit, just how old am i?

anyway, whilst thinking about my own age i read this article. poor knut! he was so adorable before, but now people are just passing him by. no more haribo candies named after him! just cast aside by the cruel, fickle public. look at this devastating quote:

Andre Schüle, a veterinarian at the Berlin Zoo, dismissed concerns about Knut’s health, physical or mental. “I am very, very pleased about his development,” said Mr. Schüle. Knut is a healthy polar bear, but as a natural result of aging, “the cuteness factor is falling,” Mr. Schüle said.

don't be sad! you're still very cute!

update: thanks for all of your suggestions on the bridesmaid dresses. she picked this one, which was actually my choice as well. i was pretty happy at how everything turned out, until i saw this.


cold4thestreets said...

The sad thing is, technically speaking, we're entering our fourth decade.

E said...


maybe i'll just take a week off and try to wrap my head around that.