Wednesday, May 21, 2008

big ol jet airliner

classic wall street journal. american airlines decided to charge $15 to each of its customers per checked bag each way and what does the journal have to tell us?

Before you get too upset about airlines slapping a $15 fee to check just one piece of luggage one way, know this: Oil prices are just killing airlines.

um, no. you know why? according to this article, The chief executive of American Airlines, the nation's largest carrier, got a 21 percent increase to $6.6 million in compensation in 2007, the company's best year since 2000, according to information disclosed in a regulatory filing Friday.


cold4thestreets said...

Look, who are you to question the airline industry's time-tested methods of engaging consumers in the free market? Sure in an age of increased competition you'd think these institutional behemoths would look to cut costs and actually attract customers, but I'm no Joseph Stiglitz, and neither are you, so whatevs.

E said...

what? i'm not a nobel prize winning economist? clearly my wsj + mr. burns = high prices theory will win the day.