Sunday, May 25, 2008

Music Video of the Day, You Conceited Bastard

Like you, I worry about our nation's faltering commitment to the cause of justice; I worry about the perversion of bedrock constitutional principles occurring in that sleepy Caribbean Bay; I worry about the fact that no national political figure has been able to talk about solutions to the cataclysmic horror of the Iraqi occupation without invoking one side of that sad, bullshit troops-out-now/fight-till-we've-won binary.

We live in supremely unjust times--though I look to our forebears and I don't see too many models of societal equity that I think we should emulate--but from the burning embers of our governing documents, one man rises to choose the hard right over the easy wrong, if I may steal from the Episcopalian boys' school mantra drilled into my ears years ago. That man is David Paterson. He is semi-blind, but by all measures as capable--rather as able--as any other. He has affairs, but he is frugal and conducts them at a modestly priced Days Inn that is also near his office. And now Governor Paterson has his Civil Rights Act: He has freed eye-patch connoissuer and performer of "La Di Da Di", Slick Rick, or rather he has given him a full and unconditional pardon, in the wake of Slick's full remittance of payment to Society, remittance of debts following an attempted murder or two. And now we celebrate because in 6th grade we called for justice for Slick Rick, and also we likes to party. We don't cause trouble, and we don't bother nobody.

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