Tuesday, May 27, 2008

what the fuck is david brooks yapp--

i started reading today's column for the "newest" platitude plus requisite eyeroll, but brooks stymied me with this opening:

My first thought on the running mate question is that to balance his ticket, Barack Obama should pick a really old white general. Therefore, he should pick Dwight Eisenhower. John McCain, on the other hand, needs to pick someone younger than himself. Therefore, he also should pick Dwight Eisenhower.

hahaha! you can't go wrong with a good "just how old is mccain" joke in my books. so maybe i don't hate george packer for his repeated references to brooks in his otherwise engaging article.

in any case, i stopped reading after that opener bc i just didn't want to ruin a good moment. next time, brooks. next time.


cold4thestreets said...

Can you contact David Brooks' people and see if he'll do a sit down for the blog?

Collin said...

David Brooks has people? I really need to get some people.

cold4thestreets said...

E. and I are your people, Col-col. Also, are you referencing the Ellen-Beyonce Amex commercial?

E said...

col-col? can we call you CC?

Collin said...

You guys are the best people. Now, if you could plan my weekend and organize my recycling that would be great. Thanks!
Truly yours,
Col-col, CC, Coco, C$, C-Diddy, Colls, Collie, etc.