Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sydney Pollack and a Film Recommendation

I just took a look at HuffPo and was struck by the news of Sydney Pollack's (pictured on the right) death--just two months after the passing of his collaborator, Anthony Minghella (pictured on the left). Thinking of the two together and their oeuvre, I suddenly remembered the final scene in Tom Tykwer's Heaven, which they co-produced (as I recall from the DVD extras) and which very few people watched. No youtube is available, but in that scene a helicopter, framed from below, ascends into the sky and out of view as members of the always ill-fated carabanieri try to shoot it down. It's really a tremendous, perfectly wrought moment, and is to Tykwer's credit, of course, not Pollack's or Minghella's, but I'm reminded of it now, and thought I would recommend the film anew, especially since our post-September-11th collective catatonia made it difficult to give the film, which on some level is about terrorism and redemption, its full due when it first came out.


E said...

dude, what a bummer.

E said...

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cold4thestreets said...

weird. the photo works on my end. i'll get to it.