Friday, June 18, 2010

park named after ron artest

let's get on that. and don't forget: his single's coming out.


cold4thestreets said...

When I saw the interview, I knew that this was going to get blogged about and plastered all over people's Facebook stati. And that made me happy. Artest is really one of the most interesting and least-scripted (from a PR perspective) athletes in the most PR-choreographed and platitude-spouting of sports. He is equal parts rage, earnestness, Queensbridge pride, gentle wit, and childlike wonder. I know it's kind of funny that he thanked his psychiatrist, but how many times have we seen celebrities/athletes thank their agents, spew hackneyed lines about fair play and team effort. This guy--a vulnerable, often emotional wreck who is known to punch fans in the face--thanked the one person who really seemed to help him when others couldn't. Poor mental health is kind of a big joke--I'm guilty of laughing about it too. What Artest did, while totally Artestian, was also really brave and honest, and frankly, revolutionary: Maybe this is the kind of thing more people should talk about in front of millions of people? Maybe he is kind of awesome.

Also, did you see this quote from him: "[Kobe] trusted us and made us feel so good and he passed me the ball! He never passes me the ball! And he passed me the ball! Kobe passed me the ball, and I shot a three!!!" That's sheer, unbridled glee from someone who has spend a decade and a half being painted as the leagues biggest monster.

I hope they do rename Astoria Park for him.

E said...

wait, are you telling me there is an I in team? shit.