Monday, June 28, 2010

things i will miss about nyc: part 3

oh new york post. you've given me so much joy over the years. who can forget "king of swing," your headline for saddam hussein's execution by hanging? or all of those racist and homophobic sean delonas cartoons? i realize that i can read you online wherever i may be, but nothing will beat the chuckle you elicit whenever i pass by you at the news stand.
[ed note. in case you were wondering, the above was indeed the actual headline after the US game. and no, i'm not laughing over the central park tragedy, obvs, but the juxtaposition is quite something else.]


Molly said...

and i for one will REALLY miss your astute eye for the amazing absurdities of the Post! I always forget to check it out and you have caught some excellent headlines (this one really is a doozy).

E said...

you know, i'll also miss having "guess tomorrow's post headline today" contests. the last time i did it was when that astronaut lady wore a diaper to chase down her lover's, uh, lover (wife?).

my friend and i got as far as "lust in space." we somehow missed the most obvious part--the real post headline was "astronut: lust in space."

cold4thestreets said...

That Central Park Zoo story is so sad -- maybe I am still learning how to deal with my newfound sense of fatherly empathy. Good thing there's the bit about soccer in there too to distract me. But why did they say "stupid," and not "gay"? Opportunity missed.,17603/