Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Post in which I Learn to Stop Worrying and Love Hockey Too

E, This is what happens when you push me to blog. I give you what you want. And we all know what you want are pictures of Alex Ovechkin rocking out in a Speedo in Turkey during the off-season. Obviously, I will have other things to share soon enough -- my solution for the oil crisis, my thoughts on racist fuckface Chuck Schumer's declaration that Gazans be taught a lesson (i.e., "strangled")  for exercising their democratic rights against America's preference; my blueprints for lithium mining in Afghanistan. It's all coming. But for now, E, please just photoshop your face onto the body of one of the lovely young ladies pictured herewith.

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E said...

omg i totally was going to send you that link. he is one fugly dude.