Monday, June 14, 2010

things i will miss about nyc: part 1

i went into a bodega on sat night and the proprietor, who definitely was not argentinian, was wearing a messi jersey. he told me all about how messi grew up super poor, had some defect that stunted his growth, is still only about 167cm. best player in the world and only 22-years-old! all in all, informative stuff.

i asked him, "hmm, but how come he has such terrible hair?"

he seemed stymied, as if the thought really hadn't occurred to him. that kind of reaction i expect in queens, where every 5th person seems to be on rollerblades and the men douse themselves in axe body spray, but i was in manhattan. not as fashion-forward as i thought, i guess.

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cold4thestreets said...

When we had the Argentina game on in my house this weekend, my mom took one look at Maradona and was like, "Oh, he got fat." Then she looked a little closer, and was like, "Well, I guess he always kind of looked like that."