Wednesday, December 29, 2010

BriWi is reading my mindgrapes!


cold4thestreets said...

Like I am about James Franco and Kindles, I've been very much on the fence about this guy. I mean, if we're quoting our Bible, then a particular Jackie D. line jumps out at me: "Dot Com, your need to be the smartest person in the room"

That said, "flash artisanal markets" is probably a late nominee for loliest tv remark of the year. Do you think Bri Wi will have beef with Marty Markowitz now? Or better yet, Bill Keller and Sewell Chan?

cold4thestreets said...

I went to go check on the status of my friend request to Sewell from two years ago.

I was denied. No still-pending, mercy shit. Denied.

But check it? Sewell and I have four mutual of whom is Marty Markowitz. LOLOLOLOL.

I totally need to find an artisanal t-shirt maker so I can have this information silk-screened onto a sweatshop-free kerchief.

E said...

not very much related to this, but somewhat related to this: i was at a bookstore yesterday and unbeknownst to me, the stuff white people like guy published a sequel? it is a region-by-region study of white people. each city's white population is analyzed on its strengths, weaknesses, and my favorite category, shameful secret.

i don't know how this dude does it, but his description of vancouverites was dead on. they have out-yogaed, out-asian-fetished and out-outdoorsed virtually every white population in north america.

and their shameful secret? "bought dream catcher online instead of actual native person." hilarious.

yeah i get you, BriWi sometimes makes me think he's got a portrait stashed away in the attic. nonetheless, he is sometimes too dead-on and hilarious to dismiss.

cold4thestreets said...

Throwaway Picture of Dorian Gray reference! And you wanted to kill the blog. Shame on you, E.