Sunday, December 19, 2010

holy crap 2010 is almost over

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where did this year go? for serious, guys. this blog kind of limps along. c4ts, do we just put it out of its misery?

anyway, some rather trivial thoughts as we face the end of the first decade of the new millennium (of course, what did you expect? this blog isn't called interweb important stuff):

1. have you listened to this interview with james murphy of LCD soundsystem? highly recommended. he's totally unpretentious and rather self-effacing. of course, made more likable by the fact that he's kind of old and pudgy.

2. i realized yesterday that i obtained only 2 new albums this entire year: wolf parade, expo 86; kanye west, whatever that album is called. someone gave me the new arcade fire album at some point, but i couldn't really listen to it. the premise was just so annoying. privileged white people angsting out about the suburbs. puh-leeze. next!

3. someone asked me the other day whether i missed nyc. i replied (totally honestly) that i rather like DC. the person seemed aghast and wondered how come i wasn't bored. i dunno dudes, i like that DC is kind of aggressively lame. it tries halfheartedly, but knows it will just never be cool, and really owns its lameness. applause all around. can we discuss how the most important culinary development in my neighborhood is a new IHOP? forealz. it was all anyone regardless of demographic bucket could talk about. i don't get it. no, i'm not being a food snob here, but it's not even a WaHo!

4. this references a point c4ts made a while back: i was kind of tormenting this 25-year-old girl about how she just doesn't know history. and by history, of course, i mean the TGIF lineup. indeed, she didn't know that family matters was a spin-off of perfect strangers! i'm shaking my head as i write this. this new generation, man. i dunno.

5. also, L&O RIP. the columbia drug ring would have been a tailor-made ripped from the headlines episode, except it would occur at hamilton college, of course.

6. finally, while i highly doubt the reader(s?) of this blog have yet to watch this video, i post it just in case. i actually hate it when jon stewart gets all sanctimonious, but this is very well-done and necessary. if anyone knows where we can donate money, please do let me know.

anyway, see y'all soon.


Molly said...

E, I am 31 and, as you know, a serious fan of television, and I have no idea what either of those shows are, or how they are related. Maybe your friend's parents were also hippies who wouldn't let her watch tv as a child?

I have also only ever watched like 3 episodes of 90210 and maybe 10 episodes of Saved by the Bell.

cold4thestreets said...

They have an ihop in columbia heights now. Um, holy shit.

In other holy shit news, molly, it's not on me to tell you what kind of relationship you need to have with your parents, but the fact that you were raised by things other than the TGIF lineup pretty much means CHILD ABUSE. Sue them. (Okay. I guess it is on me.)

Also, kill the blog?! The fuck, E. When graduate students in the future write about the underrated heros of the ancient literary art of blogging, what sources do you think they should be mining? lolcats? fuck that noise. like bush, history will redeem us.

ps -- not sure what is going on with the capitalizing in this comment.