Tuesday, December 28, 2010

i read this on yelp today

review of an indian restaurant in vancouver:

My wife and I stopped here for lunch, the place was virtually empty. Pleasant inside, but my suprise came when I was served by a chinese waitress, not that I'm against the chinese, I wouldn't be here if that was the case. I was merely pointing out the obvious instant lacking of authenticity.

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cold4thestreets said...

This comment raises more questions than it answers, and that's precisely what I look for in a yelp review.

For instance: "not that I'm against the chinese, I wouldn't be here if that was the case." What does this mean? Is he of Chinese extraction? If so how would his being a self-hating Chinese person retroactively prevent his ethnically Chinese parents from procreating? Or is he saying literally that his being "for" the Chinese actually allowed him to be "here" at this moment. Did a Chinese firefighter once save him from a burning house? Did he have to confront his own prejudices? Did he have to say to himself, "I can stubbornly hold onto my anti-Chinese prejudice and die here, or I can submit to the kindness of this Chinese person"?

I know we're not going to have these questions answered any time soon, but God knows when I see Mexicans in the kitchen of Japanese restaurants, I yell at the hostess and report everyone to Homeland Security. I guess I just love my country a little bit more than most.