Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Music Videos of the Day: Vampire Weekend

The boys of Vampire Weekend--clever, little Columbia hipsters-- have garnered Clap Your Hands-like buzz in the blogosphere and make references to New York City subways and neighborhoods in their songs; they admit candidly that they draw from (the less magnanimous would say coopt) African music traditions ("Upper West Side Soweto"); and they're seemingly carefree, in the way that only scions of the elite exploring their creative side can be. But despite all this, somehow--I mean, is it possible?--they're really kind of fantastic.


Heidi said...

i don't think i can get behind this, but i'll keep an open mind.

btw, i believe the correct term for these dudes is "preppy," not "hipster."

cold4thestreets said...

I think the two concepts have collapsed into each other. But point taken.