Monday, January 21, 2008

My Most Inevitable Post Ever -- Part 5

Mitt Romney/Prezbo

Both needed some forgettable old men to bail them out of serious trouble (Romney relied on his dad and on his own status as a native son to pull out Michigan and keep his campaign afloat/Prezbo needed his father-in-law, Valcheck, to go to bat for him after he lost his head and beat the shit out of that one kid in season 1 or 2). Both have a talent for office work, but in the field neither has experienced much success. Both have reinvented themselves (Massachusetts moderate --> Michigan conservative/cop --> teacher), and hope that the sins of their respective pasts don't catch up with them. What does this season have in store? I honestly have no idea, but despite heavy camera attention last year, no one expects these guys to have much of a role when the curtain finally drops.

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