Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Most Inevitable Post Ever -- Part 2

Barack Obama/Marlo Stanfield

Both rocketed to fame from modest beginnings (Illinois state legislature/umm, literally out of the fucking blue) to dominate in respective arenas (Iowa/West Baltimore). While both rake in the cash, they can't rest until the crown is placed firmly on their heads. Inevitably, both clash with the elder states(wo)men in the game (the Clintons/Prop Joe), who clearly fear them, but all are left wondering, when the dust settles how does this end? Is this youthful exuberance or the work of a wunderkind we're watching?


Anonymous said...


I disagree with pretty much everything you write now (more on that later, maybe) . . . but THE WIRE/PRSESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES THING IS AMAZING!

I assume (because you read everything) that you know that Omar is Obama's favorite character . .. but wanted to pass this along.


cold4thestreets said...

Well, I think it would be a bad sign for you and me both if we started to agree about things.

As for Obama, yes, I am aware. I wished he'd have selected someone a little less obvious, but still you can't criticize him for picking Omar. Also, I liked how quickly he made sure that his interest in Omar was not to be construed as an endorsement.

Molly said...

So who in the election most resembles Omar? Michael Bloomberg? Ron Paul? Mike Gravel? I vote for Paul-- though is is much more huggable than Omar. But I do believe Paul is the type who'd take Sundays off to take his grandma to church.

cold4thestreets said...

Omar says that "a man's got to have a code." Modern American politics has no room for that kind of integrity. No one can be Omar. No one.