Wednesday, January 16, 2008

RIP, Josh From Ghost World (Also, I liked you in Bully)

Rest in peace, Josh from Ghost World. You could play blank and bullied like no other, but now you've gone off to mainline with the big, hypodermic needle in the sky. Still, you've left us a legacy--one that includes a pre-glam ScarJo, a post-Jack-Ryan Thora Birch, Babu from Seinfeld, and Steve Buscemi in a career role.


E said...

this makes me really, really sad. who knew the guy was only 25 years old?!

E said...

also, do you think "tony ketcham" aka "alcoholic customer" was the shirtless dude with a mullet?

also #2, i feel like scarjo's acting skills peaked with this movie.

Heidi said...

i had to turn "bully" off after a while...yuck, that was such a disturbing movie.

don't forget "the client"--his debut. that was our final exam in orit's class.