Tuesday, July 24, 2007

secret asian man

i've always harbored an extreme, borderline irrational hatred of the show "friends." okay fine, so it's kind of like hating racism or cloudy days, and i'm not exactly going out on a limb here by despising this sad excuse for entertainment (yes yes, how is rachel affording that huge-ass soho loft on her coffee shop waitress salary? how can joey afford anything? are there really no minorities in nyc aside from superhot women who date greg kinnear? and why does the fact that joey's favorite food is "sandwiches" make me simultaneously laugh and hate myself for finding it funny?). everyone knows i love television and would never sully it without due cause.

anyway, steve park is in a new movie. i'd totally forgotten about this guy. apparently he married the white woman from in living color (who i always confused with george stephanopolous's wife). i also had no idea about this vitriol he directed at that nadir of television, friends, which he describes as follows: "Working with the people involved with this show was an extremely painful experience for me. A disturbing lack in generosity of spirit and basic human courtesy, in addition to a racial incident on the set, has forced me to speak out."

but didn't grey's anatomy teach us that people of all races can get along so long as nobody is gay?

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good job keeping up the pace while they're otherwise occupied!