Sunday, February 7, 2010

Betty White Will Not Go Quietly into That Good Night

Here's some dude trying to knock the LifeCall bracelet off Betty White's liver-spotted wrist. But Betty White is feisty. She will insinuate carnal knowledge of your girlfriend, and then partake in a Snickers bar, before morphing into some guy and being good at football.

In other Superb Owl news, it must be noted that Barack Obama, despite his faults, will make Presidential history. I have to confirm with the Library of Congress, but I believe he is about to be the only sitting President to meet with two sisters Kardashian in one calendar year. Last month, Khloe Kardashian, wife of Lamar Odom, was photographed shaking his hand at the Lakers' congratulatory White House photo op. With Reggie Bush now winning a Super Bowl title, can we expect his muse, Kim to follow suit?

In other news, both ALF and Joe Lieberman continue to resist the curse. Blog harder, people.

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