Friday, February 26, 2010

we interrupt this good energy with some important news

ken lewis is doing just fine, thanks for asking. what's that you say? wasn't he in charge of BofA when it bought out countrywide and entered into a hasty and ill-researched union with merrill lynch?

labored sigh.

oh sorry, doom & gloom are usually c4ts's beat. now back to the olympics. you've only got 3 days to revel in the triumph over adversityness of it all. then it's back to paying scant attention to our completely dysfunctional government and summits that amount to nothing.

ok, i can't stop myself. have a great weekend!


cold4thestreets said...

I spoke with my client doom and gloom about this post. They have instructed me to ask you to cease and desist with these posts immediately and forthwith. Otherwise, we will see you in blogcourt.

E said...

is it like night court? will markie post be there?