Wednesday, February 24, 2010

no pressure

i know, it's so predictable to be into women's figure skating. honestly, i don't think i've paid this much attention since the nancy kerrigan/tonya harding days. kim yu na is totally adorable!

ps do you think brian orser is out in korea?
pps so kim yu na and my fave johnny weir are besties. girl has good taste.
ppps for an entertaining documentary of kim, go here. it's mostly in korean, fyi.


cold4thestreets said...

Do you think it's weird that I have never seen a routine by Johnny Weir or heard him speak? is he going to be my Lord of the Rings of whatever we are calling this part of the decade (the tweens?).

I was saying to 'Pockets that Kim Yu Na was not going to be able to handle the pressure, especially after Mao Asada's its-been-broughten short program. I am obviously not an expert at pressure and/or figure skating.

Also, there is a Chinese taco truck near my office. I am going to go there for lunch. If they do not have a Mao Asada burrito on the menu that will be a huge opportunity missed.

E said...

i dunno whether you'd be into it, but go to youtube, type in "johnny weir poker face" and watch the magic unfold.

chinese taco truck?! that's just crazytown.

cold4thestreets said...

i'm into that.

E said...

yeah elvis stojko wishes he could read that poker face.