Saturday, February 13, 2010

is wayne gretzky going to have to choke a bitch?

i know none of you watched it so here' s a recap.

the opening ceremonies went fairly well, although it would have been quite awesome if broken social scene had performed instead of (yikes) bryan adams. kd lang was great.

but lest we canadians get too big for our pear-shaped mountie breeches, what should have been the highlight--the lighting of the torch by 4 people, not just one, including canadian hero and man in motion rick hanson--fell rather embarrassingly short. although the rest of the torchbearers quite literally grinned and beared waiting for the mechanical malfunction to be resolved, wayne gretzky was just not having any of it.

so yeah, good for vancouver for incorporating the first nations people into the ceremony, although kind of cruel for making them dance for like an hour with those heavy costumes. also, we can feature a gang of fiddling tapdancers but no asians? and no love for mr. hockey?
ps that photo is for all you americans who couldn't care less about anything not american, i.e., all americans.


Molly said...

Oh, E, i am so very glad you blogged this moment. While shaw and i were watching (and laughing a lot at the technical difficulties), I very nearly texted or called you for your reaction to Gretsky's amazing face. It was a proud moment for athletics, to be sure.

cold4thestreets said...

I feel like you're using the Olympics to do an end run around your forbidden love: posting about hockey. Go to town, E. Your city looks really amazing. Why did you leave?

E said...

can't get enough of this wintry mix?