Friday, February 26, 2010

why would i blog about anything else?

holy shit, y'all, could it get more dramatic than last night's women's figure skating final? seemed like each of the medal winners had her own reason to cry.
kim yu na cries with joy and relief.

mao asada cries with disappointment.

rochette, well, she made all of us cry.

some fun articles:
reaction in korea
real rivalry
reminds me of all that chatter about phelps and his extra-long arms, but somehow feels weirder to obsess over a woman's body, no?
now that figure skating is over, only two events of importance remain:
- men's hockey and the canadians kicking some ass
- wiping that smirk off of apolo anton ohno's face

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cold4thestreets said...

These skaters don't fit into my irrational need to divide competitors into "like" and "dislike." Even Nosebleed Nagasu was such a graceful little cutiepie, I hoped they'd give her a stainless steel metal. Thank God there's still AAO to hate. And go team Canada--redeem yourselves!

I am such a bad American.