Saturday, February 20, 2010

sunday sunday sunday!!!

730PM EST, you know what i'll be doing. i can't even deal.

so in my junior year in college i had what i still consider to be the most fun internship ever when i worked on the first iteration of my job mostly involved transcribing interviews between my producers and athletes. yeah, that sounds terribly dull, but two important things: 1. olympic athletes almost never have predictable life stories. (case in point, check this one about bilodeau, the first canadian to win a gold medal on home soil). i'd be sitting there with headphones on, typing like crazy, and most likely crying a little. 2. it actually helped a lot in law school! so there you go, my unsolicited piece of advice for the day: best way to prepare for law school? transcription.

anyway, too many things with the olympics, so a few thoughts.
1. ohno is a whiner and even when he's trying to be gracious he can't help but needle.
2. that video ad up top really drives me nuts bc nobody in it actually lives in vancouver anymore. maybe except sarah mclachlan, but you get the point.
3. shaun white is freaking hilarious, despite being carrot top's identical twin.
4. johnny weir! he's awesome.

finally, who's got the best olympic coverage in my opinion? the wall street journal! maybe since there is no good news in the financial sector they've decided to channel their energies elsewhere. whatever the reason, i'm glad bc where else will you discover that a lot of ice dancing pairs are siblings? and for those of you who wonder how the eff do you get into bobsledding? by going broke, that's how. they also rank olympics parties!

ps i've also been partial to aileen gallagher's coverage for new york magazine.

and here it is, my favorite scene so far from the olympics

(that bouquet he's holding? the white roses spell "J." just when you thought your craft project was embarrassing).


cold4thestreets said...

It was a valiant effort. I was watching out of the corner of my eye, as I mentioned to you. That one goal Canada had where there was no angle at all was pretty sick. Still, a loss to the USA and a shoot-out with the Swiss spells trouble. Heavy is the Crosby head that wears the crown?

I missed all of the men's skating and have never seen this Johnny Weir program. So his exploits are going to go down with American Idol, Survivor, and 24 as cultural milestones that I know about only through osmosis.

E said...

although the canadians outshot the americans by a significant margin, they really didn't play well at all. they lacked coordination and cohesiveness, which i suppose is understandable considering these players don't actually play together on a regular basis. despite being less skilled and experienced, the american team played like a team. their passing was more accurate and they forced a lot of turnovers. brodeur was a huge disappointment and ryan miller outplayed him by a longshot. i hope that playing an extra game will help the canadians get the team in shape.

btw, i love how in the US they showed the game on a cable channel usually known for shouting blowhards, while it was the most watched tv program ever in canada or something along those lines.

needless to say, let's hope the canadians win this. the national psyche depends on it.

i can't believe you missed all of men's skating. the drama! the bitchiness! the permatan! and you can't compare johnny weir to any of those other things (in which i also do not partake). he's much too precious and delicate (and fur-trimmed) for this world.