Wednesday, March 10, 2010

dream a little dream

c4ts failed to breaking news text me yet again. boner stabone and now corey haim. i suppose you can call them washed up has-beens who've not been able to contend with their new reality, but this shit is just sad, yo. it's not like you actually think about any of these people on a regular basis (except for matthew modine--what are you up to? forealz). still, you kind of expect them to just move on with their lives and i dunno, star in weird movies about the rapture. at least he's found something else to do with himself, y'know?

anyway, if you want to really spook yourself, check out this slideshow of former child stars. yay for drew barrymore?


cold4thestreets said...

Hey, I am three hours behind. I cannot always break death-of-our-childhood news to you. Also, and this might come as a surprise, Corey Haim didn't have much of an impact on my life. Never saw The Lost Boys, or his other "big" movies. But I am on little-kid-from-Family-Ties death watch. I will let you know when he drives himself off a bridge.

Also, I looked at that slide show. Edward Furlong? Haha. That guy is the worst. Eat my shit, dickwad. Hasta la vista, baby!

E said...

well then, i guess i have to conclude that your brittany murphy breaking news text was just an outlier.

i was surprised to discover that edward furlong was still alive.

also, re kid from family ties: you are cruel.

Alex said...

never saw the lost boys??