Wednesday, March 3, 2010

we return to our regularly scheduled programming

no no, not whining. that will resume at some point, but not now.

someone recently gave me grief over my increasing interest in the wall street journal. what can i say? they're trying to become a mainstream paper instead of a stock ticker with hedcuts and yes, i have totally fallen for it. (minus their op-ed page, which i realize is certifiably insane most of the time). their in-depth treatment of the feud between england and snoop was fun to read and not just out of an overdeveloped sense of irony. it actually raised some fairly real questions about the scope of governmental powers and the business consequences of england's actions. the paper also has a rather smart and practical section with advice for small businesses and entrepreneurs, way better than anything the times offers.

also, did you know that if you google the title of a subscription-only wsj article, you can read it for free? apparently this is one of the reasons why murdoch is trying to destroy google. considering murdoch completely overpaid to acquire myspace, i don't think the google is losing sleep over murdoch's instincts about the internet.

new york magazine has a sort of tedious article on murdoch and his quest to conquer his old enemy, the new york times. and as with a lot of new york magazine articles, there is a ton of pop psychology and melodramatization (is that a word?) of family relationships. the threat of patricide is always lurking.

anyway, the point of this entire post is that i discovered this factoid through that article: did you know that james murdoch, aka heir to the murdoch megabillions and probable future of newscorp, founded rawkus, the label responsible for both talib kweli and mos def? that kind of blew my mind a little.

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