Thursday, March 4, 2010

Skating Downhill with Wesley Snipes

Holy shit, people. Snipes' new movie is about to drop. It's not direct to DVD either; it's going to be in movie theatres! Also, what is the one thing I love almost as much as Snipes? Brooklyn. What is the best song Jay-Z ever recorded? "Brooklyn's Finest." What is the name of the new Snipes movie? Brooklyn's Finest. 

On an aside, do you think Snipes has any thoughts on that "bad apple" (read: not terrorist) Joseph Stack who flew his plane into the IRS? Of course, you do. Here are Snipes' thoughts: “I think [tax revolt] was an issue even for the early colonists and the British, so what’s new?” Snipes is a student of colonial history! It's weird how you can love someone, and then discover new things about that person, and love them even more. And here's an interview that Snipes did recently, and, finally, New York 1 thinks 20-term U.S. Congressman (D-Harlem) Charlie Rangel is Wesley Snipes (see picture above). Look, racism is totally not cool, but sometimes, just sometimes, it's hilarious. Why? I don't know. Maybe it's the bow ties. Snipes does Capoiera. He does not wear bowties. Come on, New York 1! 

Meanwhile, Lethal Discovery, my screenplay which will be turned into a film starring Wesley Snipes, has been shelved for the moment. The special effects technology that the narrative requires just doesn't exist yet.

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E said...

what coincidence. i was just wondering the other day what happened to your wesley snipes obsession.

also, what up with nyc politicians nowadays. it's like we've turned into chicago.