Wednesday, March 17, 2010

omg y'all eric foner!

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I's on Edjukashun - Texas School Board - Eric Foner
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i love this dude


Rachel said...

Professor Foner gets an A+ from me every time! Even if he gave me a B. (I blame the stupid T.A.)

Molly said...

I actually shrieked when he came out. Yay! love him.

jk said...

e. get off this dude's jock. btw: you never responded. i think if you went to school w/ vampire weekend, you'd have crushes on them. like you did on julia stiles. also, liked the NYer article on them.

E said...

i stand by my man, jk. i will never leave his jock alone.

that sounds repulsive.

anyway, re vampire weekend. knowing me, i probably would've crushed on the prematurely balding guy.