Sunday, March 7, 2010

Zach Galifiniakis Wins the Weekend

Duke over Carolina by 32? The Hurt Locker over a really terrible movie? Charlize Theron over sartorial good taste? Me over the graveyard of dead leaves our deck had morphed into? All worthy candidates for winners of this weekend, but the Oscar goes to Zach Galifiniakis.


E said...

how come he was allowed to keep his beard but don draper wasn't?

chunky + schlubby + beard = ok?

cold4thestreets said...

fine point. i think generally speaking tv people think beard and funny is okay, but beard and sexy doesn't work.

but srsly, this episode was really good. even the vampire kids sounded really good.

E said...

wait, now i feel olds. vampire kids are different from vampire weekend? wtf?

also, jon hamm is hilarious.

sugarpockets said...

i thought the jon hamm episode was way funnier. nothing will ever compare to sergio. the skits this weekend weren't really that funny EXCEPT for the parts with ZG, which were hilarious. he makes even the most unfunny hilarious. but also, one skit was a HUGE waste of paul rudd's talent, which was disappointing. vampire weekend sounded great live, though.

cold4thestreets said...

I was thinking about it more, and realized ZG did not have a beard in the last skit, which was awesome, awesome, awesome -- don't listen to 'Pockets. Anyway, I was thinking I guess they put on fake flesh over his bear or something, even though that makes no sense.

Turns out this is what happened. I guess no beards allowed period on this show.

ps -- Vampire Kids is the side project of that guy from Vampire Wknd and that girl from Dracula Electric Twilight Orchestra. Really big in Japan right now.

E said...

i only have one thing to say to all of this:


cold4thestreets said...

I know what you want for lunch. You want Sergio on a bed of rice.

E said...

no, i want jon hamm's john ham.

it's the ham you can eat in the bathroom.