Wednesday, February 13, 2008

the boundless power of the O

is it 80s tv sitcom reunion month? alas, oprah and her genie wish-granting abilities reunited the cosby kids on a very special episode of oprah. this is way better than idiot gayle being serenaded by josh groban. turns out even oprah couldn't get lisa bonet to show up. here's the clip.

there are too many good episodes of the cosby show, but here are some memorable ones:

1) cliff and clare decide to give theo a lesson on "real life" by taking away all his furniture and making him earn his money (monopoly money, that is) and charging him for food from their fridge.
2) clare freaks out on vanessa when the latter lies and goes to an out-of-town concert with her friends. clare repeatedly asks her, "oh so was it BIG FUN?"
3) the kids create a slideshow for cliff's (50th? 60th?) birthday called "things that are older than dad". typical slide: "fire is older than dad".
4) theo and cockroach try out for a dance competition. this was my first lesson in negotiation and friendship. there was only one slot left for a dancer and after the two politely told the other to take it, cockroach finally decided to accept. theo felt betrayed by this, to which cockroach replied, "then why did you tell me to go on the show?" theo says, "because you were supposed to say you couldn't possibly do it, then tell me to go on!" anyway, don't say shit you don't mean, kids, bc it will come back to burn you. lesson learned.

oh yeah, i ran into raven-simone whatsherface at a street fair in atlanta once.


cold4thestreets said...

#4 is a really good episode. I also like the one where Cliff comes back from playing football with Theo, astonished at his lack of genetically inherited skill, and then recreates Theo's touchdown dance for Clair.

Also good: episodes with Bud.

Anonymous said...

And the episode which ?uestlove has said, turned him and an entire generation onto sampling? ("Jammin on the one, j-j-jammin on the one.")

jk said...

couldn't watch the clip. got sad.