Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Day Two Dictators Would Die

In our wide-ranging coverage here at Interweb Detritus, the Pakistani political scene ranks almost as highly as bile David Brooks has to spew and references to 80's sitcoms; so, in the spirit of completeness, today--the day that Fidel Castro resigned from a post he didn't even occupy (because a guy whose stock and trade is drawing ejaculate on the faces of Hollywood teenagers reported him dead months ago)--I join the fray and write the political obituary of another dictator, Pervez Musharraf.

I don't have a lot of insight to offer: his cabal of yes-men took a severe blow in yesterday's election, and it looks as though Benazir's PPP will now come to some sort of understanding with the Muslim League and its once-bald/now-resplendent mascot, Nawaz Sharif. A new coalition government will form, and if it can cobble together the two-thirds majority needed to impeach the old Generalissimo, it'll toss him out (provided of course that he pig-headedly resists his political fortunes and sticks around for the ass-beating).

I could speculate what the future holds for a country that has seized onto-- Obamaniacally you could say--"change" as its watchword, only to hale back into office the two previous ruling parties (as some sort of Voltron-esque collaboration): one party, a craven cult of personality, whose fallen leader gave the Taliban succour, and the other, a divisive, provincial (in both senses of the word) joke, whose moronic leader entered a nuclear arms race and garnered Pakistan the title of "world's most dangerous country." I could speculate, but with today's news that the United States has already carried out at least one clandestine, unilateral strike on Pakistan, even I am not willing to follow my dark, cynical heart farther into the abyss.


E said...

speaking of dictators, why did you prohibit comments in the previous post?

cold4thestreets said...

How did you get a comment up immediately after I posted?

I disabled comments on the previous post on the off-chance somebody might stumble onto this blog looking to say something about The Wire and then reveal the very spoiler I was looking to obfuscate.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Cold,

I did a google for "Poughkeepsie, Obama, young hopper" and was seeking to add my commentary. You ARE worse than Bhutto!

And for the record, "According to nurses at his bedside during his passing, Christopher Hewett spoke the words 'Testicles, testicles, testicles.'" Wikipedia don't lie.

-Anonymous Interweb Stumbler

cold4thestreets said...

Internet Stumbler, you make some fine points. Sorry, it took me so long to acknowledge that: I had to dig up my batshit crazy decoder ring first.

Poughkeepsie for Motherfucking life,

Mr. Cold

Anonymous said...

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