Wednesday, February 27, 2008

things i learn from the gym

no, it's not how to do sit ups properly or exercise. i think my primary motivation for joining the local y was to watch the many tv channels it offers. i know, how can i not own a tv? surprisingly, i actually don't watch it much anymore and i even cancelled my netflix subscription. that shit just piled up and made me feel bad. turns out i'd rather watch "40 year old virgin" for the nth time than the greatest works of fellini. netflix E is quite highbrow and cultured, whereas everyday E just wants to hear steve carrell talk about making egg salad sandwiches. and bags of sand. that's a good one.

anyway! a few weeks ago i watched this episode of my super sweet 16. is this show supposed to make kids feel better or worse about themselves? i can't tell and all these obnoxious kids and their enabler parents are a little much. nonetheless, when this misguided canadian girl proclaimed that she's going to have a better party than all americans (btw - would any american ever claim this? even teenage canadians have an inferiority complex. it's more canadian than our pronunciation of "regina"), of course i had to gawk at her moulin rouge-themed disaster of a party. good times.

i also recently caught an episode of american gladiators on espn classic, which reminded me of the congressional inquisition on steroid use. i needn't state the obvious, but foreal: why is this hearing even happening? just take a look at roger clemens. the dude is almost 50 and he's twice as wide as joe perry! that ain't just fat. it's so beyond obvious that it pains me to know this is what all these congressmen and women decided to prioritize. mission accomplished?

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cold4thestreets said...

If this country won't allow Roger Clemens to inject artificially manufactured polypeptide hormones directly into his frontal lobe without drawing the ire of a congressional committee, then we all might as well move to Avignon and become fucking vintners because the Islamofascists have already won.