Friday, February 8, 2008

sha na na naaaa

why didn't i hear about this sooner? the cast of the greatest tv show ever reunited on the today show. okay, so minus brian bonsall, who apparently is suffering from some typical child actor issues. the show was totally genius and taught me a lot about reaganomics. let's take a minute to reminisce - my favorite moments of family ties (no googling went into this list, but you can consult a more authoritative source if you wish):

1) alex p. keaton and his girlfriend dancing to billy vera and the beaters at the train station before she's about to leave him. sob!
2) tom hanks as the keatons' crazy alcoholic uncle.
3) alex p. keaton mourning his friend's death (it may be his uncle's death. i may have to google this one). i think that one was a two-parter.
4) jennifer wanting to join the popular girls and constantly repeating, "like hi, okay?"
5) alex p. keaton takes speed or caffeine pills or some type of drugs to help him through finals. i believe this was the inspiration behind the infamous saved by the bell episode.

can we discuss the gimongous crush i had on michael j. fox? sigh.


cold4thestreets said...

No Googling went into this, so the quote might be off:

"It might not be Miller time, but it sure is vanilla time," says Tom Hanks before downing a bottle of vanilla extract. This is why I will never be good at anything other than knowing about 80's sitcoms.

cold4thestreets said...

Also, you really buried the lead on this one: I'm still trying to process Brian Bonsall's fangs. Jesus.

E said...

oh whoa, it's out on DVD?