Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hey, this is cool.


E said...

this reminds me of that cheerleader clothing line (kaepa?) logo. what is up with fratties wearing those tracksuits, btw? am i supposed to infer from that they've nailed some cheerleader chick or am i reading too much into it? the thing is, these dudes wouldn't be caught dead in juicy couture tracksuits, but they wear this shit?

blue devil, please explain.

Ryan said...

wow, that IS fresh

Ryan said...

and yes, Kappa is based on a pile of garbage

cold4thestreets said...

Interestingly, Kappa is the brand you mean, E., as Ryan points out. I knew exactly the logo you meant, but it took me some googling to recall the name. Kaepa is some other brand altogether, one that outfits cheerleaders--which I didn't know until you mentioned it.

Anyway, you had some wires crossed, and so did I, but now we're straight. It's my understanding that Europeans, not frat boys, take to Kappa, but I could be wrong.

E said...

OMG who knew i'd been so damn misinformed all these years?

i think both fratties and chavs may be wearing kappa around here. maybe i'll ride the 6 train again and explore this further.

speaking of the 6, have you noticed how it's chock full of all the people we avoided in college? bc, as everyone knows, c4ts went to my college?

the F train is positively frumpy by comparison.

anyway, i digress. and procrastinate.