Thursday, February 21, 2008


i was in montreal recently visiting my sister (and renewing my visa - did you know that you can transport a banana from canada into the US but not an orange (or any citrus fruits)? oh the things i learn from customs officers), who introduced me to this website.

now, i'm all for a nutritious lunch, especially one that is visually pleasing. not to mention that i start to salivate every time i go on this webpage. nonetheless, doesn't this seem a little psychotic? my sister seemed very inspired by it, which surprised me. i half-joked to her that she's setting her daughter up for disappointment bc that little girl is going to realize one day that eggs are not actually shaped like cartoon characters and that seaweed comes in rectangular sheets and not shaped like cartoon cutouts. then i thought, am i crazy for thinking this is a little indulgent? is my sister right? maybe this is just a way for a mother to show affection for her daughter and feed her well?

who knows, but as my korean friend said, "i never thought my cheesy korean side would say this, but making things tiny only becomes cute until a certain point. " amen to that.

anyway, in her defense, the woman running the website primarily uses leftovers, but just packages them to seem more palatable. and look at this lunch! jeebus.


cold4thestreets said...

In the great cute bento box lunch wars, you have made your position clear. And now we are no longer friends.

sugarpockets said...

hmm, this site almost rivals pimp that snack. but i have to say, the idea of eating a pink pig-shaped egg is pretty vomitous.

E said...

c4ts, please don't reduce me to the parts of my sum. i clearly state my ambivalence on this issue.

besides, i wouldn't complain if someone wanted to make me a molded egg lunch bento with cute animal toothpicks to boot.

cold4thestreets said...

It is your ambivalence that is at the heart of the issue. Now, it's on. I am coming to your house and will make a pink omelette out of all your eggs.