Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Separated at Birth: There Will Be Paella

Genius, auteur, master of the masterpiece-undermining gimmick ending (spoiler! sort of), one-time paramour of the magnificent Fiona Apple, Paul Thomas Anderson, and newest LA Laker, former Memphis Grizzly, grizzled Spaniard, Pao Gasol.


E said...

can we discuss the fact he's makin' babies with maya rudolph?!

and fiona apple...magnificent? really?

cold4thestreets said...

yes, magnificent. that one was partly to get a rise out of you, but, truth be told, i've got special feeling for fiona. also, i really want her to eat a sandwich.

Molly said...

oh, c4ts, if you love fiona (as i do), have you seen this piece of brilliance?
I love that she can barely keep from cracking up the whole time.

(if that link doesn't work,

E said...

hey, i have to come clean on this: i actually attended the first lilith fair (and proud of it!) and i thought and still think that fiona apple was a good live performer.

she still annoys me, though.