Thursday, February 28, 2008

choose your adventure

soooo...i'm gonna be a bridesmaid and the bride asked me to choose from the following dress styles. what do you all think? i have my own preferences, but i thought to solicit some feedback. yeah, i realize this is a bit of a deviation from our usual content. c'mon, at least admit you're mildly entertained! maybe not you, anonymous alex.







speaking of clothes, i almost tried to enter this contest. thought it might be kind of amusing, y'know? i soon realized that even my love of wordplay wasn't enough to overcome the sheer vapidity of this enterprise. i did come up with some copy for the mary janes, though: "they're not just for school girls anymore. an old classic style is updated with new flourishes...just in time for your prettiest spring dresses."


Molly said...

hm. many of these look quite similar. But I would go with Janey or Sophia for you. Order both, return the one you don't like! (B/c you can't try them on at a store, right? Silly J Crew.)

I do love the lydia dress but i think it is probably just cute in that photo... i have a feeling that the fabric is not as nice in person.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Molly about the Lydia, really pretty in the picture but I bet it's not as cute in real life. i most see you in the lyndsey.

jk said...

are you the only bridesmaid or are there more? and also, will you all wear the same dress? finally, is she going to have a dress that goes all the way down or that shows a lot of leg?

here's the deal: if you are standing up there for a while, you're going to look retarded with a poofy dress (note, all the poofy dress models look active and not like statues). and you'll slutty showing a bunch of leg if the bride's got a dress going all the way down (or if the other girls all choose sophia). think about it--a bunch of bridesmaids showing knee? it never happens.

sugarpockets said...

i think you should go with the lydia or janey. the sophia is nice, but not as fun (though it is much cheaper, i believe). The cotton cady fabric of the lydia dress should be nice--it's a soft cotton. i think those two are just more interesting. what color do you get to wear??

E said...

oh, the story is that there are 4 bridesmaids. the bride will choose the color & fabric (i think she's leaning toward brown, but it's up in the air) and we can choose whichever style we prefer. her wedding gown is full-length. jk, good point on poofy dress + korean calves. i inserted the korean thing here, but who am i trying to fool? not exactly our strength.

yeah, i hear you can't try these dresses on. wtf.

Rachel said...

no love for Daisy? i think Daisy might look really good on E. and it's kinda different.
but it is very hard to say when you're looking at it on some other person.
other than that, i think Sophia is real nice.

Anonymous said...

hey -- i think daisy's dress is pretty cool. so i guess i'm with rachel on this one.

lyndsey looks really sad.

Heidi said...

i like lyndsey and daisy the best for you. janey just seems like it'll end up a boobfest. i lean a bit toward lyndsey because daisy seems almost too conservative. then i lean back a little toward daisy because i wonder whether lyndsey would be as great in brown rather than yellow. this is hard.

also, and this cannot be said enough, those models need to eat.

Anonymous said...

i'm with heidi. janey is no good!
- bowis

jk said...

check it out: i don't know why all these bitches have to stand knock-kneed. it's lame. now after watching the WHAT NOT TO WEAR marathon over thanksgiving with my dad, i have to say that you gotta match your body to your clothes. but i'm not sure what that means in this case.

i will say this: lydia and janey are out b/c they are both poofy. janey is also all about boobs, which could be good or bad. camilla seems strapless and tressful. leaving you with lyndsey daisy and sophia. the two latter ones seem to ride up on the boobs and lyndsey seems kind of boring. this leaves one foolproof choice: boobs.