Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Death Row Pardon Two Minutes Too Late

I was going to mention that while cancer is never funny--never--isn't it just a little Alannis Morissette that the guy who married the Noxzema girl got skin cancer? But then my attention was drawn to the newly acquired facial hair of our country's most notable politicians of Mexican extraction. (Actually, I say "newly acquired," but I don't know when Fredo got his cookie duster.) The comments page is open for you to discuss their new relative sexiness. Or not.


Heidi said...

i can't believe jonathan brandis is dead!

E said...

wasn't the noxema girl arrested or found guilty of vehicular homicide or something? there's something sketchy about that chick.

Rachel said...

i thought richardson was just showing his solidarity with Writers Guild of America! go strike beard, go!